Updated: Sep 25, 2019

This world is filled with so much beauty, movement and creativity, and to me there is no greater gift in this life than the things that moves us, or makes us feel something. My intention with this part of this website has never been to have a day to day blog, but to share things that moves or inspires me, along with occasional shots/modeling, thoughts, or pieces of my own mind.

With a constant personal thirst for something burning I here want to share some of the artists, films, books, and works of art that I love, or that simply makes me think or feel. To start this off I’ve listed a few things below that was very important to me earlier in life, and that in a way helped shape the way I feel (and felt) about art.


THE DREAMERS - Touching the Paris student riots in 1968, the Dreamers portrays the relationship between American exchange student Matthew and Parisian twins Théo and Isabelle. They connect over a mutual love for cinema, love, and beauty, and the environments and bohemian thoughts and feel of this film is very special.

CANDY - I first saw this movie with someone I loved, and could at the time in some ways think that I understood the raw and dirty emotions portrayed here. Even though the main focus in this movie is drug addiction, it has an unfiltered and dark beautiful way of showing everything from heaven, to earth, to hell, in a toxic relationship.

FACTORY GIRL - This portrays the life, glamour, and demise of Edie Sedgwick in Warhol's factory. Sedgwick has always fascinated me and Sienna Miller portrays her in a beautiful



WIDOW BASQUIAT - Basquiat is one of my favourite artists and this memoir looks at the man behind the art, but more importantly the love and relationships surrounding him in the 80’s art scene in New York. It touches social injustice, racism, true love, addiction and HIV, depicting not only Basquiat and his great love Suzanne, but also other greats such as Keith Haring and Warhol.

IT - ALEXA CHIUNG - I got this book when I was 16, flipping through the pages of art, thoughts, and coming of age described by Chung almost every night, revisiting the portrait of young Jagger or the scribbles between words of growing up or thoughts on fashion.

M TRAIN - PATTI SMITH - Smith's memoir. A classic that everyone should read.



I saw this now classic video about love and OCD in around 2014 and I remember how moved I was by this. Rawness and vulnerability is for me something I appreciate so much more than something polished and altered in poetry, and this piece introduced me to that in a beautiful way.

If you’ve seen this before I encourage you to revisit it (I have over the years and has always been equally moved) and if you haven’t, you really should.