(...) Visiting and spending time with Dani, one of my closest friends and best humans I know, exploring the beauty surrounding us. One of the most memorable trips this far, with moments like rafting down a river in a tiny rubber boat whilst trying not to fall in, getting slightly lost in the woods and being driven home by a very nice canadian couple, (I guess the rumours about Canadians are true) breaking into hotel pools to watch the stars at night right before dawn and camping by a valley lake, waking up to catch the sun rising over mountains.

One memory I will keep forever is a moment we had whilst camping about an hour from the main village. Maybe 15 of us at its most, spending our days in the water, by a fireplace accompanied by the sound of crackling embers, Daniel Norgren or José González, or walking at a slow but steady pace exploring the forest surrounding us.

One afternoon when the sun was high above the horizon, we paddled out to watch the clouds over the lake. Closing our eyes to nothing but light and warmth, running our fingers through the water, laying down in the bottom of our boats. The world stopped for a while at that moment. Talking amongst each other, I don’t think a single soul wanted to be somewhere else. A moment of clarity and beauty that I will always keep close to heart.

Notebook outtake, US/BC.