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I'm in Williamsburg alone in Noelles apartment. I'm here for Fashion Week and vacation, and it feels really good to be on the move again. I've been really depressed lately and being back in a place where I'm not really attached in any way and can go about my time as I like feels healing.

Tomorrow I plan on spending my evening at the Met and do whatever I please, and for Valentines day I have shows in the morning, a meeting I look forward to at the Plaza and then a work-party + dinner.

What I'll do with the rest of my time I don't know yet but I do know it will consist of things that make me feel good.

In my earphones lately it's mostly been the following;

Best to you - Blood Orange (And the rest of the Freetown Sound album)

Next Girl - Black Keyes

Cowboy, Gangster, Politician - Goldie Boutlier

We had a good time - Bullion

Deaf Ears, Blind Years - Saint Jude

And I've saved:


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